Thanks for stopping by Neha Tiwari Pvt. Ltd! Pull up a chair and stay a while. But first, let me introduce myself.

I was born in Concord, California four years after my parents immigrated to America from North India. Since English was not my first language, it was always something I wanted to understand; I saw language as the key to culture. Writing soon became my strongest subject in school and I discovered it was a major outlet. 

I know that some people fall into their line of work, but that was not the case for me. I was first exposed to the dynamic field of production through a live news crew at a local festival when I was in fourth grade. I was instantly mesmerized and knew that media was where I needed to be! While in college, I discovered that mainstream media was far too bland for my likes and that I needed something more specific, more nerdy. Luckily, I discovered my passion for tech journalism my junior year as an intern at TechTv. After graduating from UC Berkeley (and living in India for a quarter of the year) I snagged a dream job working for at CNET in San Francisco. While there, I sharpened my producing skills and hosted videos centered around tech products, websites, and nerd culture. After CNET, I moved on to Revision 3, where I produced a number of segments, shows, and also contributed as on-camera talent. After that, I was a segment producer/co-host on DL.TV, and produced/hosted Rad on the Web at Mevio.

With content creation as my background, I became intrested the business involved in new media, and was at as the Project Manager of Production where I managed our partner relations and broadcast implementation. I built the eSports video division (IGN Pro League) at IGN Entertainment as well as led strategy and project/team/partner management for IGN Video. I worked on managing large-scale, global productions with PixelCorps for a bit, but wanted to get back to gaming. I feel very grateful to have achieved my dream job as an Executive Producer for CBS Interactive Games and love working towards making GameSpot more awesome everyday!

As you may suspect, I am committed to many of  the pillars of geekdom: Star Wars, Star Trek, and yes, I do have a comic book collection [Spidey is my fave].  I have always been fascinated by science and technology, and love discussing the future of social networking, new media,  and the internet as we know it. Since 2007, this site has been a place where I can be very candid about a range of topics including technology and my personal life as well. Thanks for stopping by!

(Photo by Lan Bui)